What Happened

NOTE: I am optimistic that this is a temporary challenge and will be resolved to the benefit of Disney, Michael's VIPs, and most importantly, our guests. The fix is a simple one and years past due. 

Note: We are still hosting families at Universal Studios.

There are a lot of details involved with Disney's decision to block all third party tour guide services from their Walt Disney World theme parks, but I will be as concise as possible for you.

We at Michael's VIPs invite you to be a kid again when exploring Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Your VIP Private Guide will greet you each day and maximize your park experience and minimize the waiting, working, and hassles.

VIP Tour Expectations

Michael combines his expert knowledge with your personal requests to provide the ultimate vacation experience for you, our Guest.

1. Michael reviews the basics: He considers your family's ages, personal requests, dining preferences, and more.

2. He uses this feedback to craft your personalized itinerary: His exceptional recommendations coupled with your personal wishes create a one of a kind vacation experience for your family.

3. A 'comfortable pace' is key: One of Michael's favorite pieces of advice is, "Please allow this to be a Resort experience, not an amusement park one." He considers each park's energy requirements and advises the most optimal combination to allow for plenty of rest and relaxation. Our goal is always to arrive early to ride the attractions before the thickest crowds arrive, have an enjoyable lunch, stay for another couple of hours, and then return your family to your hotel for pool time. We always want what's best for you!

4. Travel with ease: From the airport to your resort hotel or anywhere in Orlando, we will always make sure your family is in good hands. Learn more about our transportation services here

5. Meet your VIP Private Guide:
We begin each day with an itinerary of what is best for your party's ages; maximizing your experience through all of the top attractions while minimizing your wait time. Since plans are never ’set in stone,' our VIP Private Guides remain as flexible as possible to deliver the optimum vacation.

6. VIP Private Guides know 'when' to be 'where’:
No matter the travel season, you will be surprised by how much you avoid the infamous lines and crowds. Our VIP Private Guides also ensure you enjoy the best stage shows, parades, and fireworks with optimal viewing.

For guests using our VIP Private Guide service for only one day, pending restaurant availability, we can also reserve the best dining options for you during any hours hosted by a VIP Private Guide.